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>> Anne Rudden: Good afternoon. My name is Anne Rudden, and I am here to introduce Adam Lashinsky, who is joining us as part of the Microsoft Research Visiting Speaker Series.

Adam is here today to discuss his book, Inside Apple, How America's Most Admired and Secretive Company Really Works. Apple has created some deeply loved products, but even sophisticated business people don't understand how Apple does what it does.

Adam will tell us more about some of their unique approaches to business. Adam Lashinsky is a senior editor at large for Fortune Magazine, where he covers technology and finance. He is also a frequent speaker and Fox News contributor.

Prior to joining Fortune Lashinsky was columnist for the
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So I'm more than willing to have a conversation in the Q and A with you about comparisons between the two companies and I'll be delighted if you draw your own conclusions in terms of compare and contrast from the things that I said.

But it's not my goal here to necessarily do that, compare and contrast for you, but they'll be there will be elements, including in some of the images that I show that will reflect on these comparisons. So I'll leave some time so that we can get into it together when I'm done.

My overarching these of the book is that Apple behaves differently in almost every way from other businesses and, in fact, disregards much of what is taught in business school. And Steve Jobs had a low opinion of MBA programs and of the curriculum in business schools. Which is one of the reasons why toward the end of his life he created Apple University which he thought of as being an Apple MBA.

And I'll get into some of the specifics. The highest level difference between the Apple way and what I characterize as the other way and the one that still strikes me as the biggest realization is Apple's aversion to the notion of general management. Apple doesn't like the concept of a general manager.

Jobs saw no reason why he should have jacks of all trades working in the company. He valued people for their expertise, and he saw he also thought that it would be a mistake to take somebody who's doing a really good job for the company, for

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