Innovation: Walt Disney, The Pioneer Of Animation

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Pioneer of Animation
It all started with a passion for animation and cartoons. Walt Disney was one of the most influential people in the entertainment industry in the twentieth century. He was the driving force behind Mickey Mouse, Bambi, Goofy, Snow White, and a multitude of other characters. Even more than the movies and the contents within it, Walt Disney created Disneyland and Disneyworld. Walt Disney’s Legacy will continue to live on with the Walt Disney Company still making movies today. With a sprinkle of pixie dust and his ultimate trademark Mickey Mouse, Walt is the pioneer of animation. Despite being a loner in his early life, Walt Disney’s imagination and creations have brought thousands of families together to enjoy a world of
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The Disney family was forced to move again because of the minimal profit being made for the farm. This was hard for Walt. The house they moved into was so small Walt and Roy had to sleep in an outdoor shed and the house-lacked plumbing. The house was right near an amusement park in which the children were not allowed into but they would watch from the outside. Walt was a hard working paperboy for the “Kansas City Star” but he did not make a penny because it all went toward their family. He also secretively delivered medicine for a local pharmacy to earn a little pocket money. Walt Pfeiffer was Walt’s new best friend and together they joined theatre. Through this time Walt never gave up his passion of drawing.
Walt started to earn money for his talent and started taking art classes at the Kansas City Art institute. Disney’s moved back to Chicago in 1917. There he continued his art classes through convincing his father that it was an educational experience. He became his high schools magazine cartoonist.
Walt goes to war summer of 1918. He tried to join the navy to fight in World War II but he was too young. Walt tried for the Canadian army as well but after being denied he became an ambulance driver. His parents were hesitant at first but finally signed him off. The war was over by the time he got there so he started driving supplies and soldiers.
Walt became a very good tour guide during this time from dragging the streets
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He sent in his Laugh-o-grams to Margeret Winkler to get a job. Margeret was already a leading cartoon distributor and was interested in buying a series of shorts. Roy came into business with Walt the Disney Brother Studio had begun. Roy handled the business side of things and Walt worked on animations. They renamed the company to Walt Disney Studios and it had twelve working employees including Ub and Lillian Bounds. He later proposed to Lillian. The Alice series of each short began. Each of them were about 7 min long had became a live action and animation. Oswalt the Lucky rabbit was an instant hit after a long time of planning after planning Alice. Walt went to New York to ask Mintz for a raise and figured out that Mintz sold the rights to universal pictures. Walt needed a new character to save his company. On the train ride back from New York he thought of a mouse Mortimer “By the time the train had reached the Middle West, I had dressed my dream mouse in a pair of velvet pants and two huge white pearl buttons,” Walt said. He told Lillian and she liked everything but the name and they settled on

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