Effects Of Racism In Ferguson

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Effects of Inherent Racism in Ferguson
As citizens of the United States, we are all racist because we have grown up in this biased society. As humans we are only born with a certain amount of instinctual knowledge and the rest is then learned over time. In our society due to media and the nature of the people of the United States we are inherently racist and lying to ourselves saying that we are not. “Racism has been an issue since humans existed” (Burylo). Through word of mouth and actions, values are passed down generation by generation. Racism is something that can just be caused by human nature and instinct. Ferguson, Missouri is an example where inherent racism is an issue. In an area which is predominantly African American, there is so
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The most reasonable explanation for this violence is racially biased thoughts and values were passed down through generations as they were raised. The black population was raised to not like white people and the white population was raised not to like black people. Inherent racism is a difficult issue to put an end to because we do not realize we are racist, it is in our nature. Violence in Ferguson is impacting the young generation, by introducing racism and racist ideas to them at a young age. This may cause them to grow up thinking that this is how the world works and this is how people are supposed to treat each other. Inherent racism in Ferguson has caused violence which is broadcasted on every major news channel (Eligon and Yokley). The media influences people who have not seen racism in their own communities that all of the residents of Ferguson act this way, the media’s biased views also triggered backlash within the community, and the violence along with media coverage divided the community and has passed inter-racial anger and distrust to yet another generation. Inherent racism is rooted deeply in the American society and is damaging the integrity of our togetherness while we lie and hide the fact that as …show more content…
As children we look to adults and watch their behaviors and reactions to events in order to judge how we are supposed to react. Today’s young generation is growing up watching a very devastating series of events based along the concept of race. These young people are looking to adults to decide how they should be reacting. If children watch the news and see all of the violence then this will push their position in a direction thinking that violence is an appropriate response to events like these. Parents and adults commenting on the issues of race in the news also have a huge impact on today’s young generation. Children are always listening and repeat things they hear often. Simple conversation between adults while children are around can be insidious. As a community we should be using the new generations to promote peace and equality. But instead, children are growing up watching the media filled with cops shooting African Americans and African Americans in turn shooting police officers. The issues we are facing today are not just going to resolve overnight, they are going to take a long time. Especially with growing generations being inherently racist, equality is far away. As Donna Brazile, CNN Political Commentator, states, “The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said people of all races need to work together to

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