Gem Of The Ocean Play Analysis

Gem of the Ocean is a part of a ten play chronicle written by August Wilson where slavery has ended but, we can still see that it still exist. Gem of the Ocean takes place about 40 years after the abolition of slavery, which is not nearly enough time for people to move on and evolve from such a detrimental occurrence in history. Slavery is a manmade problem the promoted racism and was passed on through the generations. Racism and ignorance created this fear among the races and a selfish sense of only caring for one’s own race. Even though it has been years from the time the play takes place this Nation still experience some of the same issues it did at that time.

Slavery was abolished many centuries ago but it is something that is still going
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40 years may seem like a long time but, is enough to change the way a nation was brought up to act? Slavery was a normal part of everyday life back in the day and it was a part of everyone’s normality no matter what race you represented. It is easy to see why it would be hard for some to accept this change like any other change in life. When people go from having things done a certain way to all of sudden it being illegal to do it becomes a major subject. For African Americans it was a change for the greater good but for all others they felt like it was the worst choice made. Even though it was a great change for the slaves they still had a lot of changes to get use to and so did everyone else. It is not easy embracing something that stops being normal after so many decades. This is why racism still exists today because for centuries generations have been passing down the hate and animosity that they experienced many years ago. Some generations do not know how to let it go; they continue what they learned from other generations because that is the normality that they know. In the play Gem of the Ocean 40 years have passed since slavery was abolished but, it is not enough time for everyone to get use to the way of life. It seems like a lot of years but the …show more content…
If people are asked in today’s society why they are racist or what racism really is some will not be able to give you a real answer. Many will refer to their ancestors and what they did and believe in. Others will refer to the trends and protests going on but, very few will be able to give you an honest and sincere answer on why they believe in racism. Ignorance is the number one contributor to racism. People not knowing the facts on why their families where brought up that way or why things happen in the world. People are quick to call everything racism when it refers to two different races involved, even without knowing all the real facts especially when it is white versus black. People quickly jump to the fact that the white person was right and that the black person was committing a crime of doing something illegal. If people bothered to know that truth and all the facts instead of being ignorant and going with the glow and jumping straight to conclusions racism would not be as big as it is today but, as long as society keeps feeding into that ignorance racism will continue to

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