Infp Personality Essay

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Guidance 120
October 1, 2012
INFP: Personality Paper There are sixteen personality types that describe the functions preferences of seven billion individuals on planet Earth; mine is INFP. The letter “I” means I prefer to be introverted, I live life from the inside my mind and focus my attention on my ideas and reflections. The “N” means I am iNtuitive regarding the processing of information which means I follow my instincts, I focus on the future and use imagination and abstract thinking. The “F” means I prefer to make my decisions based on feeling. Before I can make a decision, I must take into account my values and the possible circumstances of the people involved situation. My letter “P” means I prefer to live life free and
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In my personal life, I use this quality to help other people or to help myself by manipulating people. Unfortunately, I am very self-centered and I feel guilty of this attribute, so I tend to balance out my decisions in an illogical pattern. The majority of my decisions are made so that they benefit me and don’t hurt other people. I’d rather not have a relationship to prevent destroying in the first place. Most of the time I settle on some

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