Informed Consent : Ethical Arguments Essay

1108 Words Dec 12th, 2015 null Page
informed consent faces different ethical arguments compared to others unethical ones. informed consent has been a major battle between the health care professionals ', and the patients. this topic still faces many arguments in todays world, because many doctors have been prescribing medicine without actually informing the patient of its possible risks. We could all agree that most of us like to be informed about all the negative and positive aspects presented in certain situations before making a decision. Many doctors have not really taken responsibility in presenting the patients with full information. This has caused many patients to lose the trust they have towards doctors. Other sides believe those patients are not knowledgeable so they wont really understand the doctor, due to the lack of education in the health care field. both sides have major arguments; however it is the patients health so they should always inform them, and keep them updated by any means necessary. in this topic I will focus on the following premises. P1- It is important for a patient to know all the side effects and benefits of a medication before choosing to follow through with it., or search for other options that would cause less risks. P2- Accepting certain medication without getting the full information about its risk could severely hurt or worsen a patients health. C- therefore inform consent should be taken into consideration, because is the patients body, and they should be able to…

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