Autonomy And Ethical Principles Of Care

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Autonomy and Ethical Principles of Care
Gunnar Kupfer
Grand Canyon University HLT-305
October 16th 2016

Ethics in health care could be life or death. Patients have a lot of rights when it comes to health care, yet patients don’t even know what they are. Basic consent forms truly don’t adequately inform patients of their rights. Consent forms are written in high levels and use words most wont understand. The average person simply cannot read a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy consent form. The steps health care providers need to take in order to ensure patients understand the consent is go over treatment option, outcomes/complication, and likely of success and complications. Health care professionals must comprehend issues and trends; more lives could be saved. Based on individual right to self-determination and autonomy I don’t think that patient consent form adequately informs patient to their medical rights. Self-Determinations and Autonomy give the patients moral and legal right to what will be done to them. Health care professionals must respect individual’s wishes and this must be followed by legislation, ethics standards and overall society value. The basic patient consent form informs patients on their rights but not adequately or understandable. Informed consent definition is, other than emergencies a doctor must obtain a patient agreement before any course of treatment. Doctors are required to tell the patient anything that might change their decision from

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