The Importance Of Physician Assisted Suicide

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Terminally ill patients are already dying-- suffering their way through their end of time and prolonging their agony. They should have the right to end their lives peacefully, so they can stop their suffering and end their life the way they wanted to. People’s choices are up to them, not us. We can’t control what goes on in life so why should we judge a person who wants to end their live on good terms. Personal beliefs, religious beliefs, and opinions all stop Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS)from being legal in many countries and states. Now is time to make a commendable change in people’s perspectives about PAS. It isn’t a fallacious thing, it’s a easeful way of ending a suffering person’s life. Using your opinions such as religious beliefs, …show more content…
People say medicine is supposed to heal but it also can kill. Not everything in this world is for humans. It could kill, heal, and injure anyone or anything. More than forty-seven thousand people die from overdose each year in America alone. Many people believe that assisted suicide will downgrade medical technology and corrupt medicine. Medicine could cause the patient 's treatment to prolong his/hers suffering but won’t help anyone if they are terminally ill. It’s a waste of resources which that corrupts medicine and causes a lot of loss of money for the families and patient’s. People say medicine is a tool used for healing, not for killing. They say it distorts doctor-patient relationships, and will perverse incentives for insurance powers. This is not that case-- Medicine is used for healing in only some cases. Many times there is deadly side effects to almost all medicine in general, and with that, it isn’t healing that much in that case. Medicine which can’t heal anyone anymore shouldn’t be wasted, but if we let them choose how they want to end their own lives then it’s up to them but it’ll save them money and save resources for patients who need them who can be treated and healed. Medicine is just another excuse for an argument against Physician-assisted suicide, and use doctors feelings with patients as another excuse such as insurance providers and financial healthcare that will do abnormal enticement. This

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