Informative Speech: How To Help Rescue Animals

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I Introduction
• AGD/TTA- I am sure at some point we have all had a pet and realize how much time and dedication it takes to raise one.
• Preview Statement- So today I am going to speak with you about something that truly encompasses who I am, rescuing animals. How I got into helping rescues, what I do to help the rescues and the importance of researching before owning a pet.
II Body
• How I got into helping rescues.
1. I got into helping rescues when I lost my dog and felt a hole in my heart.
2. I really wanted to help animals who were in bad situations, so I got in touch with my friend who has been working with rescues for a while and told her I wanted to help.
3. Second I would like to touch on how I help the rescues out.
• What I do to help the rescues
1. I help the rescues out with any vetting the dog’s need.
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I also have fostered some dogs, which involves rehabbing the dog and fixing whatever behavior issues it has.
3. Lastly I wanted to quickly talk about how important it is to know what you’re committing yourself to before you go and bring a pet into your home.
• The importance of learning about the dog before you go and buy one.
1. It is so important that you do your research when looking for a dog. You need to know what your committing yourself to. Many dogs have different needs and personalities, from temperament to training ability. Knowing what these different breeds require can help you make a better choice when choosing a dog to fit your lifestyle.
2. If you do your research you can be so much more prepared before getting a dog. You will go into the situation more prepared and with a clearer set of expectations. This will prevent dogs from being dumped on rescues and being torn from their homes. The dog didn’t ask you to get it, you made that choice make it an informed one.
III Conclusion
1. I hope I was able to give you a little insight into who I am, why I love helping rescues dogs and what I do to help them.
2. Thank you very much for your

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