Informative Speech : Eating Habits Essay

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When you invite friends for dinner, you’re probably looking forward to an evening of sophisticated fun and great conversation, all centered around a table of good, tasty food. Then one of your guests drops the bombshell — there is a whole list of food that they don’t eat. Your heart sinks as you realize that the menu you’ve been thinking of just won’t work and the other guests will be judging your culinary skills through the lens of a set of restricted ingredients. Here are some simple tricks that you can use to ensure your guests have a great evening, including your fussy eating friend.

What is fussy eating?
Fussy eating, (or picky eating) is often rooted in their upbringing — and the sufferer may or may not be aware of the reasons behind their eating habits — so best not to ask too deeply. Fussy eating habits are learned behaviors and preferences that have built up and been reinforced over time, and range from needing to separate the items of food on the plate or not having certain combinations of food served together, to a long list of food groups that they just won’t eat. Be aware, though, that eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia are very real for some sufferers, and these medical conditions are out of the scope of this article.

Attention seeking? If your friend is older than a young child, then the fussy eating is not likely to be the attention seeking that’s often thought. Your friend is likely to be embarrassed about having to mention their eating…

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