Binge Eating Persuasive Research Paper

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First and most important: Eating mindlessly is one of the major reasons why people are unable to attain their weight loss targets. If you want to stop this habit and begin making health choices, it is really important for you to identify the reasons behind it. So take a real look at why you are eating at any given time. There are 7 major weight loss tips.

Identifying what other things you could do instead will also help you to stop eating emotionally. People have different reasons for late night binge eating.

Some of the common reasons are:

1) You may eat just to soothe yourself
2) You just want to relieve boredom
3) Celebrations are also a reason of binge eating
4) You tend to eat just like that while socializing
5) Many eat while they are sad, mad, lonely or
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They also feel guilty about the whole thing but the fact is, the time has passed, they have over eaten greasy or sugary foods, feeling uncomfortable, want to purge and what not. Do you really think it is possible to attain weight loss goals in this way? This can become a fast downhill slide on your overall health.

How can you stop binge eating?

You have to understand your body first. There are two different kinds of hunger among which the physical hunger is the genuine one. When your stomach starts growling and you start feeling light-headed, it is the time when you need food and you are physically hungry. Emotional eating is not related to time and body requirement.

Situations like argument with a colleague, losing a business contract, betrayed by a friend, worrying about your kid etc often leads to binge eating. It is the time when you start eating chips or any other snack lying in the kitchen cabinet or fridge. Emotional eaters never feel the sense of fullness and keep on eating mindlessly and continuously. It is similar to someone turning to alcohol to dull the pain or be there best

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