Essay about Information Sharing And Terrorist Attacks

1526 Words Jun 29th, 2016 null Page
Information sharing has been one of the downfalls that the United States government has failed to incorporate until 9/11. This has been the helped with the breakthrough that has helped with catching terrorist attacks before they reach the states. Information Sharing is very simply defined as "the exchange of data between various organizations, people and technologies" (Sharing, 2016, para 1). There was information sharing prior to 9/11 but it was not as well used and thought out as it has been since the aftermath of 9/11. Prior to the 9/11 attack information sharing was used in the Oklahoma City bombing incident. "A telephone company provided space near the blast site for a command center, complete with 190 phone lines. The investigation was in full swing. FBI photographers took pictures, bomb techs looked for secondary explosives, SWAT provided security, evidence technicians fanned out looking for evidence, and agents interviewed witnesses and began to track down information and send leads to other FBI offices. At FBI Headquarters in Washington, officials began diverting resources to help the 120 special agents based in Oklahoma City" (Bombing, n.d., para 6). This shows that different agencies and organizations local and federal came together and began to share information received to catch the individuals that committed the attack. It is unfortunate that is was a reactive movement which shows the ineffectiveness of proactive information sharing prior to 9/11.…

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