Information And Communication Technologies ( Icts ) Essay examples

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History has shown that when new technologies have been introduced, many claim utopian ideals and fantasies about how they are going to shape the future. The words ‘life-changing’, ‘revolutionary’, and ‘radical’ are often thrown around. In 1989, Landgon Winner even coined a term describing this phenomena, “mythinformation: the almost religious conviction that a widespread adoption of computers and communications systems and communications systems along with easy access to electronic information will automatically produce a better world for human living” (p. 87). Information and communication technologies (ICTs), especially the internet, have influenced and affected both economic industries and consumers’ everyday lives. The profound effects in which the internet has shaped society can’t be argued. By reducing the spatial and temporal issues that once distanced us, the internet has made communicating with others easier and more accessible than before (Giovannetti, Kagami, & Tsuji, 2003). Many have claimed the internet has even revolutionized the way in which we conduct our everyday lives. In this essay, I will critically discuss and argue that while the internet has and will continue to vastly shape our everyday lives, the word ‘revolutionary’ does not accurately describe its effects. Furthermore, I will prove that rather than ‘revolutionize’, the internet actually merely supports and enhances the normal functions that comprise the everyday life.
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