Thin Pork Chops Analysis

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Thin Pork Chops Our culture comes from a variety of experiences that had a great impact on me throughout childhood and adolescence, but I was unaware of these influences that were shaping the very essence of who I was becoming. At the very moments that I was being molded into who I was by the influences of my surroundings, I tended to believe that everyone in the world was sharing in these same experiences and being shaped in the same way. It was only after I was thrust into the world that I realized that my way wasn’t the only way.
I was born in the small town of Monroe, Georgia in the fall of 1972. I had two older sisters, by eight and eleven years, which means that I was probably a surprise. My parents had gotten married at the
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They would always remind us of the doors that were opened due to education that otherwise would be closed. Their thoughts on the value of education, in terms of academics rather than learning, was that it was a means to some type of better end. They did not place a high value on academic education for the sake of broadening perspectives or such. I can remember my parents making the point that some of the smartest people they knew were without formal education and that some of the biggest fools they had ever encountered were merely educated, not smart. I am certain that because neither of my parents had any college experience, this was a point that meant quite a deal to …show more content…
I still have a belief that people can improve their lives and future through hard work, discipline, and education. I know that there is plenty of research to show that upward mobility, the idea that we can change our status in life, is not necessarily true, or at the very least, quite difficult. I understand that seeing my parents achieve this upward mobility helped to shape this belief. As a teacher of high school students, I will present the notion and idea that they can succeed in spite of this research. I hope to inspire students to find a sense of mental toughness to push forward in their own quest, regardless of circumstance. I would like to inspire them to be hopeful, positive, and tough. I hope that they can learn to see it through, even when it is hard. My parents were uneducated people that taught me this lesson and it has served me well. I hope to be a teacher that instills accountability in my students. I want to teach them that excuses, no matter how real they may be, can become crutches. It is my firm desire to be a teacher and coach that is consistent in my lifestyle and that students would learn to trust the consistency they see. I want to inspire and encourage. My upbringing, along with many other factors have contributed in shaping me into who I am. I am thankful for the people along the way that took the time to speak into my life. I am thankful for those who invested in me with

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