Influence Of Social Media On Young People

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Reading Attitude of young people and how social media encourage reading
Reading is a complex make up. It is an aspect process involving word recognition, comprehension, fluency, and motivation. Others prefer to read printed texts (such as books, newspapers, journals etc.) while others prefer to read online, especially now that we are living in the 21st century or most preferable named as the digital era. Online reading on the other hand, is a process of getting information or meaning of the text that is in a digital format often called digital reading.
Most researchers basically agree that online reading is somehow different from reading printed materials. However, the nature of this difference are still being debated and discussed by the explorers.
As time goes by, technological inventions evolved from time to time and now we have this thing we called social media by which most of the young people today got addicted to. The emergence of social media has created an extraordinary change in the reading culture. It has made its existence fully or partially, in the reading behavior of the young people. Presently, reading is no longer confined to the usual print reading or reading manually in books and other material containing printed texts. The scope of reading sources has
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Social media is a very important tool for the young people today since they can hardly know what’s in the headlines in the society, unless if it is being posted in the social media sites. Using social media to seek headline information are very much applicable to most number of students in the university, especially for the international students or those who are from different places because only through social media will they be capable to know on what’s going on in their

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