Tesco's Leadership Style Essay

Tesco is one of the biggest multinational grocery retailers in the world. Unlike its competitors, Tesco is a “customer-orientated business” (“Developing Appropriate Leadership Style”, 2015, para. 1). It provides high quality products at accessible prices. Tesco also works on increasing its customer base, as well as retaining its existing customers. It is often argued that “building customer loyalty is a cost-effective strategy to grow the business” (“Developing Appropriate Leadership Styles”, 2015, para. 1).
In recent years, Tesco has gained significant market power, accounting for more than 30% in the UK grocery market. In 2010, Tesco made £38.6 billion worth of revenues in the UK and hired more than 280,000 people. Hence, the
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Being a manager is all about getting your job done. Managers tend to impose their own views and plan all the details to attain business aims and objectives. Managers often adopt a transactional style, meaning that all they care about is how to get from one transaction to another. On the other hand, leaders are inspiring figures for employees. Leaders give credits to employees for the work they do. They seek to motivate their staff and stimulate their passion and get them to be “committed to the organization’s overall goals” (“Developing Appropriate Leadership Styles”, 2015, para. 5). Leadership puts the emphasis on people and employees while management focuses more on the person, the manager. They very first step to managing a business is to set clear short-term as well as long-term goals and commitments. An important element of the management process is task allocation and delegation of responsibility. Managers need to “communicate their approach clearly to their team and to allocate tasks to each team member” (“Developing Appropriate Leadership Styles”, 2015, para. 6). However, there are many other factors that determine whether the goal is achieved. Setting a specific and appropriate leadership style is fundamental to attaining your business objectives. Some managers even involve their teams in the decision-making process: team leaders “will set the objectives but empower team members to …show more content…
Tesco’s leadership is one that sits between autocratic and democratic. Managers will inspire employees to dedicate themselves to the success of their company as well as involving them in the decision-making process. However, there are situations when managers have to take full control, steer decisions towards a certain direction and “persuade their teams to accept their viewpoint” (“Developing Appropriate Leadership Styles”, 2015, para. 13). Tesco’s leadership approach, which combines the democratic one and autocratic one, is unquestionably the most appropriate because it allows team participation up to a certain point but also gives managers full control over the workforce and exclusive decisional power. Being a successful manager at Tesco involves great responsibility and great commitment to your team. Tesco leaders need to be inspirational, innovate and “ready to embrace change and with a long-term vision for achievement” (“Developing Appropriate Leadership Styles”, 2015, para. 27). Tesco’s leadership framework certainly helps them to do so by encouraging continuous self-evaluation, which is central to the philosophy of continuous improvement. Tesco provides a “career structure which allows employees to progress through the organization” characterized by

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