Clothing And Fashion Analysis

Clothing and fashion in the world today is dynamic. It’s a trending style of practice that expresses one’s taste. All over the world, clothing and fashion has been inspired and been an inspiration to people. Ruth La Ferla’s presented her ideas on how this clothing and fashion revolution has dominated schools, making students dress on campus like they are on a runway. Her claim is very direct, bold and self explanatory. This article is not about every student on campus but about a minute set of women in various campuses. The purpose of the article is to convince the audience how distinctive clothing and fashion means to students and how largely it has affected mostly females on campus. Ruth interviewed some editors of major fashion magazines and constructed her article based on their quotes and statements. She expressed in her article that the campus, to college women is a place to show off a style sense that is derived in part from their friends but more often attained through a click of a mouse, a gesture that affords them instant access to the once arcane universe of fashion shows and to the style blogs and shopping sites so many imbibe with their morning brew. The article stated that in most schools there …show more content…
It doesn 't matter whether student’s approaches to fashion is variant, the point still remains that their desire towards fashion is increasing rapidly, i.e, the style bar has been raised and the level of sophistication is not diminishing. Ruth gave various examples in her article, including how college students used to live in their sweat pants and not care about fashion, but now they do. Also, how the cool kids used to wear trench coats and pajamas to their morning classes as a sign to show off their willfulness, but now, doing that would be viewed as

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