Individualized Education Program For Students With Disabilities

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Individualized Education Program In the United States there are approximately 132,183 K-12 school and 98,817 are public schools. (2011) There was a total of 54,876,000 were enrolled in school in 2011, a number that increases every year. A whopping 6,419,000 are students with disabilities. (2011) Students enrolled in school, public, private, or charter are all required to have an Individual Education Program (IEP). IEP 's were created to help teachers, parents, and school staff to work jointly to improve the educational outcome of students with disabilities. Once a student has been identified as needing special educational services the school has 30 days to after the evaluation and eligibility are decided to write an IEP. A meeting is usually conducted to allow all parties involved to be part of the process. Once an IEP is written for a child the school is required to carry out the written plan. Regular progress reports are sent to the parents and IEP 's are reviewed once a year to insure that it is still effective as well as every three years the child is reevaluated. I recently interviewed a Special Education Teacher, IEP 's were the most frustrating part of the job. Frustrating because the IEP process is very time consuming and difficult to write. The IEP process takes an considerable amount of time to produce. On average teachers spend three to four hours per IEP. Many school districts have invested in programs to assist Special Education teachers will the IEP…

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