Individual Assignment 1 Essay

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Individual Assignment 1
October 13, 2013
CSEC 640
Table of Contents

1 Introduction
Having a strong web presence is not only important in today’s world, it is vital for survival in today’s super connected world. Companies, banks, agencies and private industries must be able to create an environment to interact with customers, government officials and other companies in order to thrive. Opening yourself up to anyone through the Internet often means opening your system up to the world. Today we are more connected than ever, and cyberspace is littered with a multitude of individuals, some with the intent to compromise network confidentiality, integrity and availability. Anyone with a computer and Internet
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The last article I chose “A Novel Technique for Detection and Prevention of DDoS” also gives a brief overview of the attack as well as a specific method to help filter DDoS attacks on online banking websites.
3 Article One
The article “DDoS Prevention Techniques” mainly centered around DDoS attack and the methods of preventing them as well as the tools that criminals use to execute these attacks. One example of a tool that these individuals use is Trinoo, which can be used to, “launch a coordinated UDP flooding attack against target system” (Joshi & Misra, 2010). Another tool that Joshi & Misra discussed was Trinity. This DDoS attack tool is IRC based and uses flooding methods of the TCP SYN, TCP RST, TCP ACK request. This tool not only can flood the TCP/IP but also flood the UDP and IP Fragment. This article offers various forms of preventative methods against DDoS attacks. They separated them into two groups: General Techniques and Filtering Techniques. Since the article gave a plethora of examples of general techniques I will discuss two of them as well as the advantages and disadvantages to these practical approaches. One method of preventing against DDoS attacks is “disabling unused services.” Attackers can’t take advantage of

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