India 's Political Position On The World Stage Essay

1281 Words Feb 24th, 2016 null Page
India’s external security is informed by its political position on the world stage. Since 2014, Prime Minister Modi’s progressive attitude has brought Indian foreign policy on significantly. This is demonstrated through the surprise invitation of all South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation leaders to his swearing-in ceremony . India is now showing global self-confidence, through strengthened defence ties with the US and Europe, and has for the first time in a generation, opened direct dialogue with Pakistan. However, despite improving relations with India’s neighbours, Modi struggles in Kashmir due to superficially religious but more likely geopolitical issues. As the balance of power in South Asia shifts towards China and India , it could be argued that India’s economic hegemony over Pakistan has permanently altered its ability to assert traditional political influence in the disputed areas. This is important because Pakistan’s military leadership may react to this inequality through supporting state-sponsored terrorist organisations in order to effectively destabilise Indian security interests in the border areas.

On the wider political stage, India is shifting from an international rule follower to defence policy shaper. For example, to counter Chinese power-plays seen in the maritime arena, they have reinforced the international rule of law through engagement with the G20 and UN. This increasingly mature approach places India into a…

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