Essay about India 's Education System Of India

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India is in the bottom 13% of the countries in the world concerning gender development (Shah 2). Even with the other countries’ modern influences, India still treats women as second class to men. India’s education system is also less than ideal. Education should be free for everyone at least until they are eighteen, and it should be used to introduce new ideas and stimulate thinking. In india, however, getting education, let alone good education, is difficult, and this limited education has a huge link to their problem with the gender gap. Because schooling provides many of the necessary tools to empower women and girls, providing and requiring ten or more years of school can allow the female population to become more like equals to men, but only if done correctly.
Women in India now have it bad. They are trained to be submissive to anyone who is considered their better, and they have little say in the direction of their lives. The article “India” provides insight to what a girl’s life is like. “In childhood a girl plays freely with others of her age group…As puberty approaches, she is drawn to the exclusive company of older and is trained for marriage. At or near puberty she is likely to be married and to move to her husband’s household…” (“India” 19). From a young age, girls are trained to be wives and mothers, despite what her aspirations and dreams might be. Madeline Arnot sheds greater light on the subject. She says that it is impossible for a girl to object to her…

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