Essay on India 's Development Of The World

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History has been testimony to the fact, that success of various European enterprises (mainly agrarian), especially British in Africa, Caribbean, SE Asia was dependent on the human resources engaged as indentured labour imported from India. Industrial revolution has always been based on the large numbers of migrant labour from scattered villages to urban hubs. Be it war or any economic sphere, the success depends on the ‘Human Capital’.

For the first time since earth was formed 4.54 billion years ago, the number of human beings will cross seven billion. Given that India delivers 51 babies a minute, chances are that the baby will be an Indian. Mckinsey expects India’s urban population to grow to 590 million by 2031 as 70% of net new jobs will be created in these concrete jungles. By 2031, India will be the most populous country in the world. India is likely to add another 241 million people to the job market and India, rather than China, could then become the workshop of the world (when rest of the world’s population begins to age).
Demographic trends will diverge sharply over the coming decades. Germany and Japan, the world’s third- and fourth-largest economies, are already experiencing population decline. The demographic outlook for the BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – could hardly be more different. In terms of the demographic transition model, India is at the beginning of stage three (declining fertility, population growth),…

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