Compensation Theory Of Motivation Paper

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Many articles have discussed about the incentive, Performance work, and task complexity in the world. Many case studies have been raised and discussed by many researchers, all of the aspect that have been mentioned are really important and interesting things in it to be further investigated.
Compensation or incentive is a tool that can be used as motivation in improving someone's work Performance. But this incentive is generally always followed by the additional task in the job description of a person in general. The additional task that given will lead someone in facing some of circumstances that called as the task complexity.
2.1 Theoretical Review
2.1.1 Expectancy Theory
Expectancy Theory of motivation was proposed by Victor H. Vroom in
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The general type of financial incentive provided must be substantial in order to have an effect on the career decisions and performance of faculty effectively (Lawler, 1990; Liang, 2013b; Hanushek et al., 2004). One of theory successfully can proves that salary and financial incentives are very promising and effective in motivating a lecturer or teachers if the rewards are substantial and in accordance with what the lecture or teachers wants or wishes with the task they required to do, the expectation theory (Akiba, 2015, Liang, …show more content…
Colleges without research will be regarded as unproductive universities. In addition, universities without research will be regarded as a lagging college or not updated.
The importance of a research and development also lies in the update of science. The campus is required to be the problem solver so university have to respond faster in facing the global issues, provide enlightenment or solution, explanation and appropriate attitude to the community about what is happening.
In the rapid flow of times that often change, a research is usually not necessarily practiced. Therefore, the existence of research and development expected to be a research that can in real problem solve. Concretely, science will not be a science when its usefulness is questioned.
From research and development, students and lecture are able to develop science and technology. In research and development students and lecture must be more intelligent, critical and creative in running its role as agent of change. Students and lecture should be able to utilize this research and development in a learning process to get a change that will lead Indonesia to a more advanced and leading

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