Analysis Of Drive By Daniel Pink

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This book study came together in the most natural of ways and under the best direction that the group could propel. This motley crew of academics have a history together that allows them to be frank and short whilest only being considered to be honest and upright and not harsh or rude. Not only has happenstance driven us serendipitously together in a group but also selected a book that fits the modus operandi of said group. It can not be overlooked that these bedfellows of academic study seek to operate under those very conditions that Daniel H. Pink touts in this work. The book itself possessed a certain context that made the reading somewhere between enjoyable and less of a chore. After each member of the group painstakingly read every …show more content…
What drives people today is different than what drove people hundreds of years ago. Unfortunately, as people and motivations have changed significantly over the years, methods used by management to get more out of the employees has stayed somewhat archaic. The most common system to motivate people is the classic reward and punishment system, a system that is exposed throughout the book as an outdated system. The use of, what the author call the carrot and the stick” system, of hold a reward out in front of the employees as a reward to get them to reach a goal has shown to actually decrease production rather than increase and …show more content…
As mankind has progressed, so has the basic foundations of what drives or motivates us. As we have progressed, the need to upgrade our motivational operating system has developed. In the beginning, people used Motivation 1.0, a system of personal motivation based on the drive to obtain our basic needs. Motivation 2.0 suggested that people were not simply motivated by the drive to fulfill our basic needs, people will be motivated now by rewards and punishments. As we have evolved as humans and the use of rewards and punishment produced diminishing returns, a new system has come into play, Motivation 3.0, a system that is driven by human desire to better themselves, others, and the

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