In Memory's Kitchen Summary

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Food Relationship Food is needed for more than just survival; It has an impact on you throughout your whole life. Cara de Silva’s essay “In Memory’s Kitchen” shows how far back in time that food truly was a part of us. Anny received a recipe book years later from her own mother, Mina, that was in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. She holds the book near and dear to her heart because it resembles her mother’s memories and life. Her mother was old, and during the Holocaust, elders were not seen as important, so they were left with no food and to scavenge for scraps. During this difficult time as a prisoner, the thought of food is what brought people together. When they thought about their savory old recipes, it brought comfort and …show more content…
Come Thanksgiving Day, you could wake up and smell the food and you knew that when you went to get breakfast that the Macy’s day parade would be on television; my mother could not have a Thanksgiving without watching it. The aroma of all of the traditional foods consumed the entire house. Although, not all of the food was what you would call “traditional.” Many of recipes have been passed down through generations of family. For instance, my Mammy each year makes her grandmother’s pumpkin pie and corn pudding recipe. My Aunt Lori prepares most of the traditional food that is made, but all I know is that it would not be a real Thanksgiving if she did not have a big bowl of her ranch green beans prepared for us. My mother makes the mac and cheese that was my father’s, mom’s recipe, and it is absolutely delicious. While food is cooking, my cousins and I play all sorts of board games, then our parents, and even grandparents, join in. It is a great feeling to know that you are surrounded by such good people. Like Anny, I will forever have these memories of my family and am glad I have developed these experiences. Food brought us together, and along the way I have created an ever-lasting bond with my family. This tradition that we have created has helped shape who I am by creating memories and the ability to form strong relationships with people who will be there for me; I learned what family

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