An Argumentative Essay About Thanksgiving

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To most of us, thanksgiving is a time of year we all look forward too. A time we get to see family, eat and be thankful for everything we have. For others, however, it is still a happy time but certain, events have triggered the holiday to become a memory of what used to be. Although those of us try to stay thinking positive as shown in figure one, it may become difficult at times. As Anthony shares the story of his thanksgiving in 2012, he says, "[e]very thanksgiving me and my cousin would help my grandma... We ate breakfast, we watched the Thanksgiving game, we, we did everything that we normally would... That Thanksgiving was the last normal Thanksgiving" (Sandoval).
After Anthony 's family finished all their Thanksgiving traditions, he went home with the excuse that he was tired. When he arrived home, he was greeted by his uncle. Anthony states, "my uncle... came rushing up to my room, telling me he had to borrow some sweats, running shoes, and a hoody... I was a big fan of The Jabbawockeez, I had a lot of masks and he took one" (Sandoval). Anthony thought nothing of this. After all, he was just a young high schooler, who loved his uncle and trusted his uncle. This led him to
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The grief group was designed to help local high school student, deal with the loss of their loved ones. When Anthony first started he was one of the high schoolers looking for help, at the time there was only one group that met once a week. Since then Anthony has been able to organize multiple groups, which he meets with every day. He even encourages the students, he mentors to talk to him anytime they need help or are feeling even the slightest bit upset. One thing Anthony has learned through all of this is, "...grief is something that we learn how to live through. People say its been a couple years you should be over it. It has nothing to do with time. It has to do with how you live with it and people need to learn that"

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