Importance Of Food Essay

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Food is what keeps my family joyfull. Every time there is food, joy fills the air. Every gathering we have, delicious food is always found on the plates they prepare. My mother’s cooking is what makes up the main courses in most parties where food is found. She learned how to cook because her mother taught her. All my grandmother’s recipes and secrets were passed down to my mom. She loves to prepare food that has been in our family for years. She cooks food traditional to Mexico and some from Spain because her side of the family had strong Spanish origins. Her cooking makes me want to try cooking out. That is a skill that one must know as they grow older. Wanting to create the same delicious dishes as her has always been in my mind. Cooking …show more content…
Although most of the food is composed of fat and oil, but still very delicious. Everyone eats a lot during those holidays, we have a feast of amazing food. However, some of the food that they create is not that appetizing for me. Some food is not that appetizing for me. That is because it either looks weird or it contains an ingredient that is not very appetizing for me. However, food is food. I am just grateful that there is always a plate of food in front of me and not just in my dreams or imagination. My family eats a lot, and we never miss a meal together. My mother went to culinary school, and although she does not use her education professionally, she loves to cook. When I was younger I used to help her bake, and to this day I still help her in the kitchen. I used to really enjoy cooking, but it has been a long while since I have been in the kitchen. A few years ago my mother became a vegan, and since then her cooking has obviously changed greatly. Throughout my life I have been exposed to many different cuisines and styles of cooking, and these have given me somewhat of a passion for different foods. I am willing to try anything because my palate is very …show more content…
It has always been difficult for me to choose healthy dietary options. Although I know that eating healthy is the best option for me, I cannot help my love for the greasy foods of my childhood. Delicious treats such as pizza, burgers, fries, hot wings, and nachos have a certain power over me that makes me succumb to the fattening embrace of processed junk food. Throughout the years, however, I have integrated much healthier options into my diet. Although I still consume a larger amount of junk food than I should, I like to think that these unhealthy options are balanced out with the healthy choices I make as well. My family never thinks there is too much food. They consider any event to be a celebration filled with food that can feed an entire country. Too much food is not in their vocabulary, but I can not complain. These are the days I live for, including my other relatives that would not miss any event that involves eating. These celebrations can simply be for a cousin passing a driving test, and they go all out. Or even for an uncle going a whole day without drinking any alcohol. My family simply uses anything and turn it into a

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