Improving Health And Wellness Programs Essay

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Health is the primary concern of all employers in any organization. The productivity of the employees is dependent on the state of their health at the workplace and their general health which includes physical, psychological and mental health. This literature review focuses on the strategies that employers can implement to improve health and wellness programs in their organizations so as to reduce the chances of their employees contracting chronic diseases.
Owing to what has already been addressed before in this area, several authors have given their views regarding wellness programs and the numerous benefits of implementing them. The question perhaps to give more attention is on how health and wellness programs can be effectively inoculated in the workplace and how well it would be received by the employees (Mattke & Van Busum, 2013). There are positive effects of job wellness programs in terms of productivity and overall health of employees and thus the topic should be given more light. This is the primary concern of this paper. Through my literature review I will analyse what has been done and what strengths and weakness emanate from the studies of various authors.

Improving the lifestyles of the employees has been considered a fundamental aspect in improving their general health and keeping the health costs at lower rates. The process is considered ideal because it reduces the risk of contracting chronic diseases in the United States. Mattke & Van Busum (2013) have…

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