Improving Effective English Language Learners Essay

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Throughout America, there are thousands of schools in which English Language Learners are enrolled each year. Because of the variety of cultural backgrounds and increasing number of immigrant children, schools across America have been working to create effective English Language Learner programs that meet the needs of these students. There are a variety of service models that have been adopted by these schools, and each models has its own strengths and weaknesses. In the local area, there are several schools with effective ELL programs, each with certain pros and cons. After conducting research into the local schools’ approaches to ELL programs, it is evident that the schools in the area have tried to create effective approaches to teaching ELL students.
To begin, let’s take a look at the ELL service delivery models used in Springfield, Mo. The enrollment data for the 2015 school year shows that 846 English Language Learners were enrolled (Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education). According to the Springfield public schools website, the goal of the ELL program of Springfield is to “support ELLs and their families by providing high-quality classroom instruction, pertinent links to academic resources, excellent parent communication, valuable community connections, and relevant professional development for teachers, administrators and staff. (Springfield Public Schools).” To discover what specific models are used, it is necessary to take a look at some of…

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