Improving A Healthcare Setting Will Pose Its Own Unique Challenges For Communication

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I say I “agree”, rather than “strongly agree” with this statement, because each new situation in a healthcare setting will pose its own unique challenges for communication. So while I agree that I have the ability to communicate effectively with internal and external customers, as well as the ability to help form productive, professional relationships, I will always be challenged to devise new and better ways of doing these while on the job-floor. To “strongly agree” that I have these abilities seems, to me, to be a bit to presumptuous, especially at such an early point in my career. While I feel competent in the communicative and collaborative skills I have developed in my schooling, this does not mean I don’t see room for improvement; in fact, I see more room for improvement, the better I get. But I have enhanced in my abilities to communicate and collaborate with groups, not only through my coursework, or through my internship, but through my professional relationships as well. Therefore I feel competent in my abilities, and with working in a social environment of a healthcare setting.


My answer is “neither,” here, because I can neither agree or disagree I have the necessary leadership/management skills required to acheive an organizations strategic goals. The reason for this, plain and simply put, is that the power of leaders and managers depends on the situation they must oversee. In the realm of professional practice, my power as a leader or manager is…

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