Important Skills Are Developed Through Education And Teaching Children

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Important skills are developed through education and teaching children to read and write. Every human being has a background on their guidance or lack thereof, when learning and developing these skills. A considerable amount of situations are similar to what I encountered growing up, in the sense that going to school was a significant part of their development. Parents and schoolteachers, helped shape the reader and writer into the individual they are becoming while the students had to take the initiative of learning some on their own. Reading and writing were brought to me various different forms, through parents, teachers, journaling on my own, my sister and peers. One of the biggest influences on my ability to read and write was my parents. Throughout my childhood, they would read to my sisters and me, whether it was a bedtime story or an afternoon read, they made it a point to set us down and read with us. Unlike my sisters, I chose not to engage on these daily interactions. I was more interested in other items, such as the pictures that allowed my imagination run wild while my parents voices were background noise to the crazy adventure going on in my head. As I grew older the more unacceptable this became, and the further I fell behind because of my wondering mind. Reading aloud, and an increased amount, were two of the biggest instrument in improving my reading skills. While my parents were teaching me to read, I was also learning to write in the classroom. Writing…

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