Important Lesson Learned From The Course Strategies For Change

908 Words Nov 20th, 2016 4 Pages
Today’s 21st century has evolved tremendously and has become more advanced and sophisticated. In fact, the 21st century has placed such an emphasis on innovation and creativity that it has led to the creation of today’s information age. Innovation has inspired businesses to adapt and evolve, especially to meet consumer’s demand, operate more effectively and efficiently, as well as maintain the competitive advantage. However, adopting these new technological challenges and innovative ideas is not the only thing that businesses must adapt to; businesses must also learn how to properly manage these new innovations. That being the case, managing innovation is essential in today’s business industry, especially since it plays a significant role in promoting technological and institutional innovation. Not to mention, achieving success. Therefore, considering the significance of managing innovation, it is essential for entrepreneurs and society alike, to educate themselves on how to effectively manage innovation. That said, one will, in this paper discuss the most important lesson learned from the course Strategies for Change. The course Strategies for Change is an on-line course that utilizes the book “Managing Innovation: Integrating Technological, Market and Organizational Change”, by Joe Tidd and John Besant, to enhance one’s leaning experience on innovation management. This book encompasses the overall aspect of innovation and what it entails to manage innovation in an…

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