Importance Of Writing Methods In Nursing

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Introduction After working as a dedicated Nursing Assistant for 15 years I have decide to go back to school and further my degree and become a Registered Nurse and take my career to the next level. When obtaining a degree as a Registered Nurse there is a lot of education and training that must be accomplished and encompasses a lot of writing in detail.
In researching for types of writing that is used in nursing we had to research two types of sources a primary and a secondary. The primary source I choose was Sara Bryant RN a coworker that works on the floor and documents daily using the forms of charting that I chose to report on. The Secondary source that I choose to use was an article from that discussed different
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The writings include but are not limited to nursing assessments, care plans, MAR (medication report), and informed consent.(“Nursing documentation”) Being able to communicate effectively with doctors, family members, and your nursing peers will involve more writing then most …show more content…
I also find that is very important to make sure that all your documentation done in a timely manner and also needs to be as accurate as possible because there are no errors to small or to big when it comes to someone life. I also learned that depending on your area of concentration your writing style will be different and will ask for different types of information to be used in different ways. In work in the hospital I know firsthand that documentation is important also on the financial end of the medical business. It is stressed by administration that if it was not charted than it was not done. The slogan has become a part of everyday language in medical facilities. Another reason that I have also learned that you’re charting can make or break you if at any time you are in a court hearing. Due to the huge increase in medical malpractice suits everything is looked at under a microscope and if I was the one in the chair I would really want my charting to be in order. I would encourage everyone no matter what your what your discipline in life is make sure that you have the writing skills that you need to be successful in your

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