Importance Of Working In A Safe Environment

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Before any session or activity, it is important to make sure that the space is clear of any hazards, ensuring the children will work in a safe environment. Always be aware of who is responsible for checking the learning environment for possible risks.
Generally children will be working within a classroom, and although the space is used daily there will always be potential hazards to look out for and this should not be taken for granted.
Firstly the work area should be spacious enough for children to sit in small groups and move from one space to the other without a problem. The area should have adequate lighting for both children and staff to work without irritation. Certain light sources can bring on headaches or discomfort. As well as taking
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Fire action and Golden Rules of Safety, which is also on posters next to each exit in the school. Information like this need to be read by all staff then signed so that the management team can confirm who is familiar with the policies. Although we may find ourselves assessing risks as we go about our day-to-day work each school must, by law, carry out an annual risk assessment to decide which areas and activities are likely to be hazardous, the probability of certain hazards occurring and those who may be at risk.
Within my workplace there are areas where health and safety law and policies are clear for all to see. In our staffroom there are various posters and booklets available to read. Safety rules and regulations are up on walls around school, particularly near to exits and sink areas. Fire exits are clearly marked and fire procedures explained to children when they move into a new class, usually alongside a fire practice/drill.
We have many outdoor areas where there is equipment for children to play on. There are rules printed on the apparatus, this also applies to the equipment used in physical education where children also need to wear appropriate clothing. Adult supervision is required at all times.
During outdoor play the staff on duty are first aid trained and carry a first aid bag. They wear neon jackets so they are easily identified in an emergency. If any incidents occur these are documented and filed.
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We need to make clear the situations where children are free to choose how they act or what they partake in and the times where they have no negotiation. In order to keep children safe there will always have to be boundaries, and in a lot of cases some young people will disagree with this. Older pupils, who feel they should be treat in a more grown up manner will challenge these rules and regulations, however we must be able to communicate to them why it is vital that they stick to what is expected of them in certain situations. Also, it is important that we ensure we have knowledge of the areas within health and safety requirements so that we are sure of what we are implementing and why we are doing so. The more we understand this, the more we are able to explain to children why we have to stick to specific

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