Importance Of Whistleblowing

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Every organization desires honesty amongst their employees. This component allows for complete dedication to the organization 's mission and success. By encouraging a whistleblowing culture within the organization, the organization promotes simple structure and efficient, open communication. More importantly, whistleblowing can preserve the organization 's clients from possible lawsuits, or severe mishaps resulting in a patient 's demise. Upon graduation from nursing school every nurse has learned that we should support and protect our patients. What does a nurse do when they think the safety of patients is being endangered, or when she knows patient fraud is being performed? The nurse needs to remember her ethical obligation to her patients …show more content…
It is designed to meet patient’s need. In this relationship, nurse establishes trust with the patient while respecting patients’ dignity, autonomy, and privacy. The exchanging of information between the nurse and patient must be for the use of patient’s treatments. To provide the safest care to the patient, nurses must understand the concepts of professional boundaries. This boundary also established a professional relationship are sharing or gave other profession or nurse their work based on cooperation and teamwork among them. Nurses are known as a caregiver and provide close relationship not only between patient and the hospital but also for other health care professions. Their services are very important and therefore they performing “heart” in the medical and healthcare service provision in America. Boundary violations by the provider often occur when the healthcare professional displaces or confuses his or her needs with the patient 's needs. More often than not, such violations begin small and develop gradually. Serious boundary violations can result in criminal charges being brought against the nursing practice, with the loss of employment or licensure. The responsibility to approach improper relationships spreads not only to the nurse involved but also to peers or managers of the affected nurse. When a suspicious situation or relationship is suspected, it’s every nurse’s duty …show more content…
Evidence – based practice is justifying the act of nursing using scientific principles and evidence. To justify my act of nursing I need a deeper expertise in nursing and advanced nursing knowledge. I can acquire these through learning from peers, senior nurses, mentors, and nurse leaders. I can also learn it from further my education in nursing such as MSN or Ph.D. in nursing. To bring the best nursing care to patients requires not the only perfection of oneself skills and expertise, but also requires the involvement of others nurses to the improvement of the quality of care. To follow this, as soon as I finish my BSN I will ask for permission to follow and learn from senior nurses and nurse supervisors. I want to bring the best from those mentors to my patients. I also want to apply the concept is the PICO model. PICO gives me a model to observe and approach the issues that will come up to me at work and school. It helps me develop the question and find clues to the issue so I can have a right direction to learn and acquire nursing knowledge and skills more effectively and more

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