Importance Of Welfare In Islam

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Islam highly emphasizes the concept of welfare in appreciating the true way of life and perfectly intertwined with the life of society, namely the concept of social responsibility among people whose caring attitude amongst each other as the sayings of Prophet .SAW which means:
"Anyone who is not concerned over the affairs of the Muslims, then he was not among them. And anyone who on the morning of prioritizes things other than Allah, not from those people blessed by God”. (Reported by at-Tabarani)
Fair in life that there are people who live in luxury and are going but at the same time there are also people whose life is like just enough for breakfast, lunch and passionate evening of life of deprivation
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Anyone who implements these demands will be rewarded and loved Allah and His Messenger.
The Word of God S.W.T:
Means: "Do good deeds; that ye may prosper (in this world and in the Hereafter). "(Surah al-Hajj verse 77)
In conclusion, Islam and the welfare of the common man are not to live alone . Because of it, society does not necessarily need to run away from each other and depend on each other.

Relationship between Waqf and Welfare of Muslim community
Islamic civilization is very great compared with other civilizations. Civilization was founded as a pillar of virtue patterns of human life. Islam encourages its followers to contribute either material or spiritual nature to others. It is an opportunity for people to be able to contribute to others. Muslims are encouraged to perform deeds of charity, which means
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When a Muslim to contribute part of his property voluntarily, then by itself contribute to free himself of it controlled by the desires of his property as a result. Thus ensued the spirit of love among Muslims in line with what is called the Great Prophet Muhammad SAW in his Hadith: "The spirit of love among the believers that broke out in one body. If one member suffers, all the other members felt sick and could not sleep the night ". This noble spirit to assure the continued spirit of love throughout the ages in different political, economic and social.

Endowments are the only concept introduced by Islam in the form of charity. It encourages Muslims to perform in order to take shelter under the greatness of Allah SWT Economic endowments may be closing the gap in Muslim societies (especially in education). For these reasons Personality 'encourages its followers to donate part of their income as a waqf for the sake of the poor and the rich, the poor families and residents in anywhere in the Muslim countries, irrespective of religion and

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