Characteristics Of Creon

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Lead me away, I have been rash and foolish, I killed my son and my wife, I look for comfort, my comfort lies here dead whatever my hands touch has come to nothing (pg.789). Creon is a Tragic Hero for many reasons and you will soon figure them out. Creon made many different mistakes during Antigone and there are 3 different characteristics that Creon had done during Antigone. Creon was born into nobility, he was responsible for his own fate, then he realize that he made an irreversible mistake. I found that Creon made many different mistakes during Antigone and he believed that he was better than everybody else even before he was king even when his father Menokikeus was still alive. The new king Creon was born into nobility because his father …show more content…
Creon knew/ didn 't know that what he says can potentially ruin his fate whether he thinks that it is good for himself of the public. If he wanted something to go a certain way then he had to start as soon as he was born/ old enough to talk. “You have heard my final judgement on that girl: Have you come here hating me, or have you come with deference and with love, whatever I do.” (pg. 771) I feel that Creon is saying that he wants his words heard and he wants people to follow what he is doing to people and I think that he is responsible for his own fate because he has a plan of telling people what he wants and what he doesn 't want them to do. I think that Creon is wanting people to go with his words even when he dies and just like his father Menokikeus. Since he died he probably wanted his kids to go by what he was saying. So by what they were saying they are responsible for their own fate because by what he is saying if someone doesn 't like something then they will/are going against what they were saying. Creon is responsible for his own fate when he says “I swear, by all the gods in heaven above us, You’ll watch it, I swear you shall! (pg.775)
I think that he is saying that he is watching the public’s every move to see if they are going for/against what he is saying. He is swearing by the gods above that is they aren’t doing what they are supposed to them he will punish
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Then Creon is responsible for what had happened and he can 't go back and change it. But then after he then knows that he made a mistake. Creon knew that something had happened when his wife/mom killed herself when she knew that Creon was her son and she never knew what had happened. Everything that had happened to him isn 't going so well for him. Creon knew that he made a mistake when he said “ Lead me away, I have been rash and foolish. I have killed my son and my wife. I look for comfort, my comfort lies here dead. Whatever my hands have touched has come to nothing.” (pg,789)Creon knew that he had made a mistake doing many things to not only his family but other people. He is looking for comfort but he know longer can have any comfort because all his family is dead his wife and son died because of his actions that he had committed. In the next quote Creon had just noticed what he had did to his family and himself by them killing there self and now he can no longer go back and change things. Oh pity! All true, all true, and more than i can bear! O my wife, my son! . Creon had finally thought about what he had done to himself with his wife and son. He is now realizing what he had done to himself and now he can never change what he had done to himself and the public now the public

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