Riding Disability: Personal Statement

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In the last few years, after undertaking a volunteering placement with the Riding Disability
2 Association it has made me aware that I want to take on a career path in teaching. I want to
3 be able to inspire younger generations throughout my time teaching.
5 I am a passionate, hardworking, caring team player who is always willing to take on new tasks
6 and learn from new experiences. Whilst studying I have held down two part time jobs and also
7 volunteer at a local primary school every week. I read with year 2 pupils and this has made me
8 realise how children take in information differently and at different rates and I want to be
9 able to influence the way in which children learn in the future.
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Working with this age group is becoming a
13 greater passion and one I want to progress. Furthermore, volunteering in a school has gained
14 me many skills which includes adapting to how I motivate certain children, being able to
15 engage efficiently with challenging behaviour and using my creativity after a child has read
16 to make sure they understood what they were reading. Additionally, whilst working in the
17 school I have particularly enjoyed helping my brother at home who suffers with his vision and
18 struggles to read and write. I have found that he enjoys the practical side of learning more
19 and I have adapted my teaching style to help him. One example, of this is by using his
20 favourite toys as a teaching aid for mathematics.
22 Other volunteering I have done includes working with the Riding Disability Association at a
23 local stables. We work with disabled children improving not only their balance but confidence
24 by riding horses. Personally, this volunteering allowed me to balance being responsible for
25 the safety of the child whilst having fun with games. I thrive on the responsibility
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I feel learning these skills
35 will allow me to create resources for the children in class to use and I will be able to show
36 them a range of skills on the computer that I have learnt.
37 Furthermore,I know teaching is going to be a challenging career and one that is going to be
38 really hard work to achieve but I am not scared of hard work.My school day at the moment
39 involves a 2hr commute whilst also staying a lot after school to help with open days and
40 performances.I know this will have to continue once becoming a teacher as being a teacher is
41 not just about teaching but helping the school community.As well as my education work I also
42 hold down two part time jobs which are both very physical.The kennel work involves early
43 mornings before school and my waitressing means that I often always work late too.Combining
44 all three with the volunteering shows that I can not only work hard but also manage my time
45 responsibly.To conclude, I want this course to help build my confidence as a teacher as I know
46 it will allow me to grow and change as a person whilst guiding children on their journey
47 through

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