Persuasive Essay On Social Media Violence

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For years social media have had violence in what they provide us to see. Now as the years have gone by, more children are gonna want to be on social media because they see the people that are older than them on it. If these parents do not want their children to be seeing these sorts of thing, then they should not allow social media. It is exactly the same for movies if the parents do not want their children seeing any violence then they should proof watch the movies. Most important news has something about the violence going on, it would be very difficult to take everything with violence in it out of this world.
Studies have shown that violence in anything electronic related mostly does have violence shown in it. Kids and teenagers would rather watch a movie than go
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Violence just happens to be one of them, they need something to hook the audience. “Hollywood filmmakers include violence in movies as a part of the craft of storytelling, to create an enjoyable movie-going experience for the audience” (Violence In The Movies 10). By banning any kind of violence in movies your could be taking someone's job away from them, since they can no longer produce movies with anything violent in them. Plenty of people like to watch action movies but that does not mean that they actually want to partake in the violence that is going on in the movie. Also in the media, there is plenty of violent things that are shown. It would take awhile to take down every single thing that is posted with any type of violence in it. News is spread in the media too, things in this world are not always so cherry and nice, there is violence going on in plenty parts of the world. The people still need to know the news. Even though most people do not join in on the violence that is being shown in the media that does not mean that some people don't. There are plenty of cases that show that violence in media is promoting people to act on

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