Importance Of Violence In Films

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While I do not support violence in daily life, I think violence in film is necessary for certain genres of films for example action films and documentaries. Even though we do not like it, violence is a daily part of real life. At times, in order to depict real life situations and relate to the audience I think violence is needed in films. For me violence adds to the film by making it more believable. I also feel that that if done correctly, violence can add an element of excitement in films.

I also think violence in films has to be justifiable. Having violence in film just for the sake of having violence and goriness is something I do not think is right. There has to be a story behind using violence and how it helps to elevate the film. These
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In the move The Isle, there were scenes of animal cruelty such as hitting the dog and slicing a fish and letting it go as well as hammering a fish to death for no reason. There were also instances of fish hooks used different ways in attempts to commit suicide. While using the fish hooks in an attempt to commit suicide did achieve the shock factor, I did not find it necessary. While the movie tried to be artistic at times, the unnecessary violence overwhelmed the story. Also in the movie cut, the violence was the main story. In the case of this movie, I did not like all the violence and I thought there were a lot of unnecessary scenes of …show more content…
In the movie, the main character tries to find this little girl he be friended. Since the little girl was taken by a gang he had to fight he way in order to find her. in order to get to the girl, he had to pass through bunch of obstacles where violence was necessary. The main action scene, where the main character meets the main villain face to face. He is tricked into thinking the little girl died and so he lets go of the part he was holding back and fights all the gang members at once. This scene is what I consider the best part of the movie. The scene is beautifully done where its seamless. He fights one person after another and at times multiple people at the same time. At the end when there’s one person left they start doing hand to hand combat. The way it was done seemed like it was a sort of a dance. While the movie had gut ranching violence at some point the violence is one of the things that elevated the movie and made it different from any other

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