Sociological Issues In Freedom Writers

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Freedom Writers: Sociological Issues There are many films out in the industry that focus on detailing the works of everyday life. Those whose main message is to give us a more forward understanding in the society we as a nation live in. After going through a few, I narrowed it down to one film in particular that touches on many sociological issues we face every day to this day. Freedom Writers, a film influenced on true events, was released in January of 2007 under the production companies of MTV Films, Jersey Films, 2S Films and distributed by Paramount Pictures. Under the direction of Richard LaGravanese in Long Beach and Long Angeles, California, it had a budget of $21,000,000 which later has an estimated gross of $43,090,741 worldwide. …show more content…
Today we witness many wrong-full doings. For example, racism is still a big tension across different groups of individuals. People divide themselves depending on their cultural beliefs of sticking with their “own kind and skin color”. Social class divides the young individuals which influence education. As we all can see the obvious, the rate of graduation in education leans in favor to whites leaving the dropout rate and low grade rates to blacks, Hispanics and other races.
Another example this film had its purpose to society is with the amount of violence and deviance we see. Violence in the streets and at home that we face. Whether its personal, cause by others, or we are dragged in it, it is seen as a deviant behavior. LaGravanese made sure to portray all these characteristics in a very efficient way throughout the movie.
With that being said, I must announce The Freedom Writers Diary was the original title, hence it first came out published as a book in 1999. With such powerful stories, I believe the reason the director Richard LaGravenese chose to produce this into a movie is because he wanted to show the reality and let the voices of these young 14-16-year-olds be heard. He felt the need of showing the world the violence they are surrounded with, and fear they live with day by day, at school, streets, and home. To show the daily struggles some of the young
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Afterwards, she presents the students with journals of their own so they can express their own personal experiences with the discriminations, gang violence and war they face. Gruwell only taught freshmen and sophomore years but with her love of teaching and determination, she managed to help all students achieve the proper academic level and unite them as a family. She made an impact so big the board of education granted permission for Gruwell to become their junior and senior English teacher. With no doubt, Gruwell became more than just a teacher to them, and every single student from room 203, made it to

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