Importance Of Village Essay

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Village: A hub of peace and a face natural And cultural India

India is a developing country. The villages outnumber the towns and cities in India. Sixty-five percent of the Indian population lives in villages. Almost all villagers are dependent on auricular. Since independence, the villages in India re developing.
A village is free from the hustle and bustle of a city life. Life in a village is peaceful, calm and quite. The natural beauty and the greenery are a feast for the eyes. There are village Panchayats and village heads to look after the affairs of the village.
Life in a village is not as fast as it is in city.
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villagers in the plains use well, hand pump or pond water for the same. Those residing near the river use river-water. Mot houses in remote villages have ponds in front of them They use the same water for different purposes. Some villages have government water supply facilities. Most villages do not have provision for clean drinking water. Some villagers take their cattle to the pond. Buffaloes go deep into the water and make it dirty.
Most villagers do not understand the value of sanitation. They do not have proper sanitation facilities. Some villagers keep their cattle adjacent to their house which is unhygienic. Most of the villages in India do not have medical facilities. They do not have electricity also. Most of the rural areas are characterized by poverty. The levels of productivity are low. there is a lack of basic minimum services. Villagers are superstitious to some
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The oldest living elderly man in the house is the head of the house. All important decisions are taken under his guidance. Women has to look after her house and even sometimes has to work with other family members in fields, even school going children have to take part in household activities and rearing of cattle, working on fields with family members. As LPG is costly so, women use woods to cook food on ‘chulas. Children go to government schools and take part in all household activities. Man acts as a social being and manages all relations and other outdoor activities. A new trend of equal participation of women in outdoor activities and in gaining education and being equal parts of the society is uprising quickly and is being accepted by people of extreme men fellowship also. Social gathering is organized in villages for entertainment and cultural activities and village theater shows called as ‘Nautankies’. These drama shows are based on village stories, mythological beliefs and stories with moralistic endings. People laugh take part and enjoy these social activities and these are an important part of village life. These things increase their mutual understanding and cooperation between them. Houses are generally or I can say 70% of them are made of clay and mud roof top with husk called in local language as ‘chaans’ or of solid mud carved plates called as

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