Student Development Class Reflection Paper

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I am very glad that I took the student development class here at Tidewater Community College. The student development class is a tool for students who are new to the college experience. It is a good thing that this class is mandatory, because otherwise I would not have taken it. There were many lessons that I have learned throughout the duration of this class. There are also many things from this class that you could apply to your every-day life. The lesson with the most impact on me was time management.
Time management is something that I have struggled with my entire life. However, in my time before college I never needed to know how to manage my time because I had nothing but time. Now, I’m a full time student and working at least 20+ hours managing my time is especially important now more than ever. I have to plan out my days more carefully so that I can get my school work finished. Unlike high school, college requires a student to do more of their work outside of class on their own time. Also, it is not closely monitored by teachers or parents. I had first-hand experience how easy it is to fall behind n your work and how stressful that situation is. If it were not for the student development class, I probably would have struggled with how to manage my time efficiently.
In the student development class I the best methods of how to manage my
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As I progress deeper into my college experience, I expect to have more and more school work that I will have to complete on my own time. Moving past college, time management is going to continue to play a major role in my adult life. Managing time will help me to prioritize and balance multiple responsibilities. In which case managing my time is less of a college success strategy and more of a life success

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