Essay: A Career As An Occupation Therapy Assistant

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I believe everyone deserves the chance to live life to the fullest extent. This includes being able to complete simple everyday tasks we rely on. Sometimes we don’t realize that the simplest everyday tasks can be so hard to do with a disability or even just of old age. It is so important for us to not take these everyday tasks for granted before we have to rely on others. I was immediately drawn to the Occupation Therapy Assistant program because I want to make a difference in the world and help people live a fulfilling life and yet still remain independent. I love the thought of getting up everyday and going to help people better their lives and teach them new things. I am eager to further my expertise in this field, as it would give me a chance to be creative and help others by teaching them how to improve their quality of life.
I have
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This has been my dream ever since I’ve discovered this and I am positive I want this as a career. I can assure you that studying for this program will remain my top priority until I complete this program. I believe I am very capable of juggling all my responsibilities because I have had experience balancing school with work and a healthy life style. I think Herzing can help by providing detailed class syllabus and schedules so I know what to expect from the class prior to the start date and will allow me time to plan ahead.
It would be an honor to attend Herzing University as I work toward my dream of becoming an OTA. I am anxious to get into the OTA field and start helping people better their lives. I believe I would be a wonderful fit for this program because of my ability to communicate effectively and work with people of all back rounds and cultures. After shadowing an OTA I feel adequately prepared and am very excited to start the demanding journey of educating myself to be an OTA at Herzing

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