Importance Of The Mayer Salovey Emotional Intelligence Test

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Have you observed that being smart is not the only recipe for success? Individuals who may be academically brilliant may not be socially adept and may not be successful at relationships. Through the years research has indicated that it is not just the Intelligence Quotient which is important but also the social skills, the emotional skills or in other words, emotional intelligence which is important for a person as it helps manage the stress and emotions while facing tough situations.
Emotional intelligence involves a set of competencies which allows a person to be aware of, to understand and to be in control of their emotions, to recognize and understand their own emotions, of others and to use this knowledge to foster their success and the
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Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test
The four aspects of emotional intelligence under the Mayer Salovey emotional intelligence test (MSCEIT) are:
1. Perceiving Emotions – It is considered to be the ability to understand one’s emotions as well as others. – This provides the ability to discriminate between Accurate and inaccurate expression or feeling.
2. Facilitating thought – It is the ability to produce, practice and sense emotion in order to communicate the feelings and also use them in thinking processes – emotional states differentially encourage problem solving approaches facilitate reasoning and creativity.
3. Understanding Emotions - it is the ability to understand emotional information, to understand how emotions combine and progress through relationship transitions and to appreciate the emotional meaning – it provides the ability to recognize the emotional transition such as the transition from anger to satisfaction.
4. Managing Emotions – it is the ability to be open to feelings, modulate them in oneself and also others, so as to promote personal understanding and growth. – moderating negative thoughts and enhancing positive emotions can be
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Personal Competence – Consisting of self – awareness, Self-regulation, and motivation
2. Social Competence – Consisting of Empathy and Social Skills.

1. Self-Awareness – It is the ability to understand your own emotions and the effect it has on your performance. People with high emotional intelligence understand their emotions, and do not let their feelings rule them. They are able to self –assess and analyse their strengths and weaknesses and are capable of working in these areas so that they perform better.
Individuals who develop self-awareness are emotionally aware, are capable of assessing themselves accurately and have self-confidence.
2. Self-Regulation – This is the ability to manage the emotions, resources and abilities. Individuals with this ability are able to control their emotions and do not allow themselves to be impulsive or careless about their decisions. Such individuals are thoughtful, adapt to change better, and have the ability to say no.
Individuals who are able to regulate their emotions develop self –control, are trustworthy, adaptable and are capable of innovative

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