Emotional Intelligence 6 Essentials

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Emotional Intelligence also known as “EQ” is a very important skill that not everyone has had one that cannot be taught and learned easily. It is like a skill that we develop through our life that we never notice. EQ is the way we manage our emotions and how we communicate with others. Everyone has an EQ but some are higher than others how high is yours? For example, People who never laugh or make everything into a joke have a low EQ. And people with a strong EQ never have the motive to say “I told you so” after an argument, they instead keep to themselves and control their emotions.

EQ is always being compared to IQ, which is a cognitive intelligence. An IQ is a score we get on a test measuring how “book smart” we are. While EQ cannot be
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In the article “How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence ― 6 Essentials” Preston explain ways to increase our emotional intelligence he introduces abilities someone has to do to increase their EQ. His first way of increasing EQ is to reduce negative emotions so when we are put into a bad situation we should look at the bright side and not jump to conclusions. And by reducing the fear of rejection can help also an example, Preston states “I’m applying for three exciting positions. If one doesn’t pan out, there are two more I’m well qualified for.”(Preston). This is a better way of looking at it instead of “I’m applying for my dream job. I’ll be devastated If they don’t hire me.” (Preston). The first way of looking at it reduces the fear of rejection and would then increase EQ. The next way to increase EQ would be to manage our stress levels and not let it control us, Preston states “How we handle stressful situations can make the difference between being assertive versus reactive, and poised versus frazzled.”(Preston). The next way to increase EQ is the “The Ability to Be Assertive and Express Difficult Emotions When Necessary”. This is when we have to be ourselves and not let other people control us, and to speak our mind. An example is saying "I feel strongly that I should receive recognition from the company based on my …show more content…
A high IQ will get us a life, but a high EQ will get us through life. This is right because we do not need to solve math problems to get through everyday life. We may be able to become a doctor and make six figures a year, but that person may be going through their sixth divorce. This is an example why EQ is better than IQ. We need to be able to effectively communicate with others and control our emotions correctly in certain situations throughout life. We aren 't faced with a math problem before we can interact with others, we are faced with them, we have to be able to keep a conversation in order to survive life. For example when have we ever seen someone have to solve an algebraic equation to steal someone 's heart and make them fall in love with us. Falling in love is all about our emotional intelligence, because we have to express our feelings and have communication with our significant other to have a healthy relationship. We can 't just write an essay to our significant other explaining the way we love them, we have to express it in person face to face. This is why emotional intelligence is so hard to develop, some people just express their feelings easier and in a better way than others. Leading the people with a high EQ to live a happier and healthier life. Imagine if to make someone fall in love with you we had to solve an algebraic equation, if only that was reality because then us

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