Importance Of The 6th Amendment

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Research Paper The importance of Amendment VI getting signed into the Constitution was crucial for future growth of America 's justice system. James Madison put the Amendment VI into the Bill of Rights. Amendment VI has many protections to the one person accused of a crime, such as Public Trial Guarantee, Right to be informed of criminal charges, and Right to be confronted by adverse witnesses. However, the right to a speedy trial is considered the most important in the constitution, because criminal defendants could be held accountable under a unproven accusations. The 6th Amendment is a part of the Bill of Rights, which is the first ten of the amendments in the constitution. Bill of Rights became a law on December 15, 1791, and the main idea of the 6th Amendment is the rights of a accused person committing a crime by the government. There are seven rights in the 6th amendment which include the right to: Speedy Trial, Public Trial, Judged by an impartial Jury, Notified of the nature and circumstances of the crime, Confront witnesses who testify against accused, witnesses who favor the accused, and right to a lawyer. One of the most important rights is judged by …show more content…
It is important because those who aren 't informed don 't know what they are being charged for. For example, if there was a mentally challenged kid who went to trial and was convicted to jail. He should be protected by the 6th amendment, although sometimes it doesn 't work that way it is important to be informed of the criminal charges. There are many reasons that this right is very important. Another important right is the Right to a assistance of counsel. This means that the defendant has the right to a attorney to defend him but if you can 't afford the lawyer then the government will assist in getting the attourney. Although, this does not mean that the defendant has the right to a attorney who will win his or her

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