America's First Ten Amendments

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The United States of America’s First Ten Amendments is known as the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights guarantees certain freedom to individuals residing in the United States of America. This right includes, freedom of speech, religion, press, the right to a speedy trial by jury, and right to privacy. Some of these rights are still guaranteed even if one is accused of a crime. According to the United States of America’s criminal law, one who is accused of a crime is still considered innocent unless proven guilty in a criminal court of law. This means even those who are considered a suspect in a crime cannot be detained in a jail until they are convicted. These rights are guaranteed in the Fourth and Fifth Amendment of the United States of America. The …show more content…
Lieutenant Dundy and Tom visits Spade in his Apartment to question him about the death of Thursby and Miles. Dundy comes up with two theories, each accusing Spade of a crime or a foul play. He accuses Spade of killing Thursby as a retribution for Thursby killing Miles. He also accuses Spade of having a hand in Miles’ death, because Spade knew some details about the gun that Miles was shot with and Spade was also afraid to relay the death of Miles to Mrs. Archer. In some countries, these kinds of allegations can be used to place a suspect under arrest and prosecute them. In Salinas vs Texas, The Supreme Court asserted a judgment concerning the Texas Court of Criminal Appeal decision to use pre-arrest silence as substantive evidence of guilt (Odom, Para. 4). One will say why then was Spade able to talk to the Lieutenant with the tone which he used? Spade was able to use a rude voice tone in talking to the Lieutenant Dundy and Tom, because of the relationship he had with them. The Fifth Amendment does not grant anyone the right to be rude to the authorities when they are trying to investigate a

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