Importance Of Teaching Grammar

Grammar is used in many ways such as to communicating and writing. As soon as we start speaking we are using grammar because we are pronouncing words and eventually we will put them with other words to form a sentence. Grammar has played an important role in my life. When it comes to writing and speaking it’s been a long journey for me. I have a hard time comprehending things due to a learning disability, so reading and writing was not easy. It takes patients and practice for me to understand the concept of grammar. I know grammar will continue to follow me and be a part of my life when I am in school, when I am around my family, and in my career. Elementary through college I have been taught grammar. My experience has not been easy I was taught in a small class but I was too advanced. I was then put in a normal size class with two teachers however I was behind in that class so I got taken out occasionally. The extra teacher in the classroom was there to help me and a few other students. When I got to college I made the choice not …show more content…
When it comes to reading, writing, and speaking I feel that the teacher should be able to understand the concept of grammar and they should know how to apply it in the classroom. When teaching grammar I would come up with different lesson plans and activities. I will make sure they understand and can comprehend the concept of grammar. Grammar should be taught in different ways, because it is important for the student to feel comfortable with it. I understand that students learn differently and to be a good teacher I feel that the teacher should be able to teach to each students learning strategy. I will take my students aside and talk to them one on one and make sure they can comprehend grammar. Teaching grammar I feel that doing activities and getting the students engage in the lesson plan would benefit them. Not only are they learning but they are having fun at the same

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