Importance Of Student Learning Environment

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Standard 1: Student Learning Results.

Student Learning Result could be defined, as a continuous process of data and information collection, analysis and interpretation to know what objective that student will achieve of educational process. Therefore, the student will assess based on these knowledge.
 A point of strength for me is being able to work with the school’s team to develop a strategy to raise the academic level of students for a more suitable learning environment. During I worked in different school four years ago; I gained a lot of experience through working with different teachers with different perspective of teaching. This has taught me how to give students productive feedback and provide a positive school culture useful to learning. A good example of this I was working in private school and my principle was eager for student learning and the
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Learning environment is the place in which provide educational services to student to achieve targets. The educational environment is the material and moral aspects of investigating the interaction of individuals within a given system.
The leader should have ability to bring a safe, create, and health learning environment for student. The leader should focus s on achieving students’ self-discipline in their behavior; they arise to have the necessary skills to control it. Helping students to publication of cooperation and love, dialogue, tolerance and forgiveness and love of innovation and hard work in school values. Encouraging to practices that valued the achievements of students and teachers ' creativity and commitment of parents.
I need to learn more how I can help teachers to create a better environment of learning, so I need more experience to know the teachers and the students ' needs and motivate teachers to use new strategies on the classroom. I need to learn more how can I engage the teachers to find better solution of the problem will face in the

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